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The Marketing Works Team

We have a personalized, tailored approach that strives to create more visibility for clients through the delivery of strategic, cohesive messaging. We’ve positively impacted the perception of what a PR agency is, how it operates, and what it is capable of in the eyes of clients, employees and partners.

Our agency has grown in size and scope over the past 20 years to a successful business that is forward thinking, committed, confident, and trusted. Just like communication constantly evolves, we’re constantly progressing as an organization so that we can give our best to our clients.

Ron Gold

President & CEO

Favorite color: Teal

Favorite restaurant: Insignia

Favorite song: Simply the Best

by Tina Turner

Favorite quote: We play to

win the game…Herm Edwards

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite book: How to Win

Friends and Influence People

by Dale Carnegie


Melissa Rose

Vice President & Creative Director

Favorite color: Cerulean

Favorite restaurant: Lee’s Inlet Kitchen, South Carolina

Favorite song: Fly Me to the

Moon, Frank Sinatra

Favorite Quote: Life is not

about finding yourself; life is about creating yourself…

George Bernard Shaw.

Favorite season: Winter

Favorite book: The Glass

Castle by Jeannette Walls


Bernadette Starzee

Senior Writer and Public Relations Specialist

Favorite color: Green

Favorite restaurant: Lakehouse

Favorite song: Purple Rain

Favorite Quote: Don't say anything in private

that you wouldn't be

willing to defend in public.

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite book:

The Harry Potter series

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