As we look to the world beyond the pandemic, our depth of expertise and groundbreaking solutions make us your ideal partner for transitioning between virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

We can help you create an on-brand, highly-interactive experience;

every bit as exciting as being there in person.

Virtual event production service:

  • Build and adapt production timelines

  • Oversee virtual event platform design and build

  • Oversee audiovisual needs, event theme,
    graphics design, and creative process

  • Understanding of technical requirements, AV and
    stream logistics, coordination, and management

  • Speaker and Talent coordination

  • Develop and maintain project budgets

  • Create video content that can be shared before, during,
    and after the event to increase and maintain virtual engagement

  • Coordinating graphics design that can be incorporated into messaging on social media

Some of our work: